Cologne, Cologne…

The first time I took a train out of Paris I was devastated. The second time I was thrilled. This time: exhausted! Luckily my train wasn’t crowded and I was able to stretch out and try to get some sleep during my three hour ride to Cologne. I didn’t know what to expect. That part of Germany had never bene on my radar before but there was no way I was going to be so close to a friend and not go over to say hello.

Now I don’t speak German. At all. AT ALL. And I cannot stand to be in a city without knowing the language but I never actually studied the language apps that I downloaded so I felt like I was screwed. Luckily I wasn’t though.

Things I noticed upon my arrival: you have to pay to use their restrooms (although some provide showers?) and they pretty much love their fast food.

After Cat and I hugged each other like school children and got over the shock of seeing each other in Germany we went to our hostel to drop off our things and went to take care of business. I did not care that it wasn’t noon yet. I was in Germany and I needed a beer. Period.

After showing me the Dom we managed to snag some seats outside of the Cölner Hofbräu Früh for some Kölsch. while watching people run. Turns out the following day, October 3rd, was “Tag der Deutschen Einheit” – Day of the German Reunification so a lot of things were going on. The sun was still shining so we sat, drank deliciously inexpensive beer, I had my first true German sausage and watched the runners all while catching up.

Cologne is such a beautiful city. We then went for a walk, took the train over to her friends place where we drank some more and I learned that the following day we were heading to Bonn for the festival. I was 4 days into my trip and all that morning drinking finally had me exhausted. Would sleep come? Please say yes. And it did for a few hours. While my friends went to some techno type club I went back to our room and finally got some sleep. Es war schön.

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~ by Dee on October 8, 2011.

One Response to “Cologne, Cologne…”

  1. Halli Hallo…

    Hammer Artikel Mach weiter so, ich schaue bestimmt nochmal hier vorbei….

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